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Images cropping with original quality and minimal file size!

FunctionsLossless transformations of jpg images
– Lossless rotating, cropping and flipping of images
– Intuitive cropping with various settings
– Fixed crop aspect ratio setting
– Fixed crop size setting
– Transformations are performed by JpegTran

Viewing and editing of JPG images
– Viewing and editing of EXIF information and thumbnail
– Viewing and editing of IPTC data and JPG comment
– Creating database with information about photographs
– Algorithms for smoothing viewed images
– Fullscreen slideshow

What’s newVersion 3.2 (05/12/2004)
– new „Select maximal crop frame“ option
– improved FileList object
– corrected Jpeg metadata analysis bug
– corrected original file date bug
– German, Italian and Slovak localization

Version 3.1a (22/8/2004)
– corrected bug during IPTC data adding (version 3.1 only)

Version 3.1 (10/8/2004)
– drag&drop; files and directories to program
– improvement in user interface (crop frame and icons)
– translation to French and Dutch
– corrected bug during file deleting

Version 3.0a (9/5/2004)
– new version of dEXIF is used (fixed a problem with viewing EXIF data in files edited by Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Adobe Elements 2.0)
– corrected bug with double SaveDialog before saving files

Version 3.0 (17/1/2004)
– Complete new look and better control
– Graphics32 enable faster and better viewing
– Opportunity to add other language versions

Version 3.0 beta (19/10/2003)
– Setting for automatic thumbnail refreshing
– Importing and deleting of EXIF informations and thumbnails
– Editing and deleting of IPTC informations and User comment
– Exporting of EXIF & IPTC informations to XML database
– Lossless cropping with fixed height and width
– Automatic opening files/directory via command line parameters
– Automatic detection of DCT blocks size
– Reprogramed in Borland Delphi 6.0 Personal Edition
– Known bugs were corrected

To install FotoView on your computer simply create a new empty folder and place fotoview.exe and jpegtran.exe there.

FotoView is offered as freeware only for non commercial use. FotoView software is provided „as-is“. No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied.
It is based, in part, on the work of
– Gerry McGuire (units dEXIF, dIPTC, http://mcguirez.homestead.com)
– Alex Denissov (units Graphics32, www.g32.org)
JpegTran is utility for lossless JPEG transcoding from the IJG ( http://www.ijg.org)
Download JpegTran at http://www.jpegclub.org

Language versions
If you want to help other users and you can translate some words to other language then English or Czech, you can cooperate on creating new language version. Simply download and translate file language.xls and send me back. If possible, please, keep appropriate lenght of strings.

Comments and bugs
If you have comments, questions or find any bugs in FotoView please feel free to contact me.

DownloadCurrent version
Fotoview version 3.2 (zip, 05/12/2004, 656kB)

Text for translation
Hints, captions and messagess of application controls

Older versions
Fotoview version 3.1 (zip, 10/8/2004, 630kB)
Fotoview version 3.0 (zip, 17/1/2004, 633kB)
Fotoview version 2.2b (zip, 6/3/2003, 439kB)
Fotoview version 2.2b (Delphi4 source code, 6/3/2003, 74kB)

Linux version
PhotoViewer – jpegtran GUI frontend for lossless photos rotation

© Martin Pola 2004
[email protected]